Bad Boss

My personal daily challenge
My experience as a business owner proves that what one learns in every seminar about 'change management':
you want to change others?
Start changing yourself first!

My most difficult daily challenge
 .... who walk the talk.
No, I do not feel that I need to be able to run a lathe with a tool post grinder as good as my Team Member Billy does. That's Billy's job and I am holding him accountable for doing an excellent job.
It is my attitude as a Leader, my behavior as a person which is on display.
Do I walk my talk? Am I holding myself accountable? My daily challenge.

Challenging my Team
I am pretty good in challenging others within my company. So, I do not have any 'problems' to create nearly constant challenges for my Team Members.
Still, I had to learn to introduce and to explain the challenge accordingly.
First, I have  to create the framework for the change and to make sure everybody not only understands, but feels the same way.
Then, and only then I can hold my Team Members accountable for their challenges.

The Benefits of a Bad Boss

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The Benefits of a Bad Boss

by Kelly Pappas, TalentQuest