We don't want to dump it!

Trash and nature                                                                     photo by andreas            
                         Lakeshore Park, Dalton, GA

We have the responsibility:
  • ....
  • To respect Nature and Environment
  • ....
Our daily challenge is:
  • We recycle as much of our waste as we can.
extract of Alrol's Discipline 'Be His stewards: We are blessed with a huge opportunity.' 

People's trash disposed in an inappropriate place and a dead bird doesn't make a 'pleasing' photo.
Trash per se isn't pleasing but as a business owner and as a visitor on this earth I have to take responsibility.

Before I started Alrol in Dalton, GA, I was accustomed to rigorous 'trash standards': 
  • no landfills anywhere
    un-recyclable trash is brought to incinerating plants where rigorous emission standards apply  
  • every private person pays about $3.00 per trash bag (!)
    for this reason each household brings whatever is possible to the numerous recycling stations to reduce the number of trash bags 
  • each (small) business pays fees for each type of trash they produce
    these relevant recycling costs are added to the prices of the products
What expats need to know about 'Trash disposal in Switzerland'

My Goal:
Alrol becomes a landfill-free business

It is my personal conviction and responsibility that one day not too far Alrol's industrial trash will not be dumped in any landfill.
We 'produce'
  • rubber in strips and as grounds
  • plastic foil
  • cardboard from packages
  • paper from the offices plus magazines, brochure, and newspapers
  • few gallons of used machine oils
  • fast food containers from employees' lunchs 
Nothing hazardous (on first sight) and all these materials should be easy to recycle.

My Hurdle:
Finding Recycling businesses to take our trash

I have been working on this goal for a few years already and what seemed to be easy to achieve turned out to be a hassle.
Success first:
we found businesses to take our cardboard, paper, and oils.
When it comes to recycling rubber and plastic, the conversation with a recycling business has always stopped after I answered their question:
'How many truckloads per month will it be?'
As a small business we do not produce tons of trash but much too much to dump in a landfill. The companies with which I have been talking to so far are not interested ,or are not prepared to deal with smaller amounts.

It seems that recycling businesses are doing extremely well.
Some companies tell me: we have too much rubber already and can't take more. Others do not even respond to several of my voice messages.

Well, this is one of my 20 mile marches and I keep going ....

Our Chance:

Sensibilizing our Team to take more care of our environment

Did You know?

We educate our Team in both taking care of our environment at Alrol and at home.

There were some surprised lifted eyebrows when I was talking about how long it takes for our trash in the landfill to decompose or when we watched this video about a Recycling Center.

used rollersOK, besides 'dealing with trash', our main focus still is on
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Fall Games 2013
For the third time in a row!

Special Olympics Georgia's State Fall Games are coming
to Dalton, GA and Alrol is a proud Official Sponsor as
in the previous two years.

and 500 coaches from around the state head in to Dalton
to participate in the following sports:
Softball Skills
Long Distance Walking and Running
Golf Skills