Active Customer Care

used rollers
Strand pelletizer rollers.                                                                  photo by andreas

We look through our Customer's eyes:
  • We understand the application (related to our services)
  • We solve any issues caused by rollers
Our daily challenge is:
  • Our products (and services) cover all needs
extract of Alrol's Discipline 'We surprise our Customer daily' 

I have no doubts that the success of our products lay within its' technical quality.
I have no misconceptions that it takes more than the quality for a long-term business relationship. 

I was asking myself: why do I chose a certain brand of consumer products, or why do I shop in 'my' grocery store, and why do I drive this car?
Is it because of a cheaper price? Or because my experience is always perfect?
Or maybe because of a freebie I got?
It's because as a consumer, I know what I can expect, and because I have trust in both people and products.

What works in my personal life I may implement at Alrol.
With each completed order, our goal has been to build on to a fair, long-term business relationship. 
We only achieve this goal when each Customer says: 'I am understood, and I am satisfied'.

Customer Care

We have always made sure that our estimates and order confirmations are precise, and we communicate well in our emails.
Yes, we have been taking good care of our Customers' orders by knowing their needs and expectations well.
Only impeccable products are shipped.
We care for our Customers, and
We found room for improvement.

Active Customer Care

The word 'Active' will make the difference.
It is my intention to create a dialogue with our Customers.
By doing so we will:
  • Increase our understanding of individual needs, which then leads to technical developments.
  • Get a 'heads-up' to plan the production before the next order, which then reduces our lead-time.
  • Communicate 'best practices' we learned, which then impacts our Customers' production.

Alrol's Management Team knows that these are ambitious
points, and that it takes every Alrol Team Member to
succeed. And, we were looking for a person who would take
this challenging new position.
Heather Buffington has recently taken the job to personalizing
these important three points, and to become 'Alrol's voice to our markets'.
I, personally, have been training Heather, briefing her on our
Customers, and teaching her the characteristics of each our
As the owner of Alrol, Active Customer Care is my
responsibility which makes me Heather's personal coach.
Way to go, Heather!                p: 706 876 0954

Alrol's 'Cool Moments' are still on until August 30, 2013.
We have sent out many cards since early June!
With each order of $300.00 or more, placed before August 30, 2013, we will send You a $25 Starbucks gift card. 
Each Starbucks gift card we send out is based on
an opportunity given to us.
We prove it to You: we walk our talk. Even for 20 miles.
Even when it's hot.

You can click here and we support You with
all Your roller issues from re-coverings to special coatings. 

Since the beginning, our focus has been on the technical quality of the products which You receive from us.
Our promise to You is:
  • You receive a product which covers Your needs, and
  • You receive Your order when You need it
I wish You a 'cool' month of July even when the weather gets hot. 


 Thank You!

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PS During our anniversary year, we will share our sweet taste with our customers!

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