Giving back to the community

Building porch
Alrol's Team Members Billy  and Barry building a back porch.                  photo by andreas

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way 
we must help the weak and remember the words of
the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, 

'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'
Acts 20:35 ESV  

I have mentioned Alrol's Five Disciplines (our shared values) in previous newsletters.

When the Management Team designed them, it seemed important to us that we make a clear statement about Alrol's role in the community. Later, we explained to our entire Team that all of us will be actively giving back to our community:

We support the people in need,
both financially and with active work.

Each of our Team Members receive one paid week per year
to reach out and get involved with a project in our community.

Extract of Alrol's Discipline: 'We are blessed with a huge opportunity' 

Giving back:
to the community

Well, we didn't get a standing ovation from our guys the moment we explained this statement. Each of them had question marks written across their face.

However, after including them in the planning, this week, Barry and Billy are the first of Alrol's guys to take initiative doing what we wrote in the discipline above:
as a part of the local Fellowship Bible Church's Outreach to the Community, Barry and Billy are building a back porch for two elderly ladies who are handicapped.
The porch will enable the ladies to get to their back yard, which adds to their quality of life.
And, Billy loves to show off his carpenter skills in addition to his daily job at Alrol as one of our roller grinding specialists.

Giving back:
to our customers

Need Billy's skills as a carpenter?
Just kidding. We need Barry and him back!
But, yes, we found a refreshing way to give back to You.

When it gets very hot in Northwest Georgia,
which it usually does in July and August,
we dream of a refreshing swim, but focus on
the one and only purpose for which we are sweating:

to serve You
in all Your needs
for coatings and coverings.

We all have hot days ahead of us, and aren't You sometimes dreaming
of a swim in a creek like the Newfoundland Dog, Amadeus, in the photo?

Let Alrol provide You with some refreshing moments during the Summer 2013.

It's simple:
With each order of $300.00 or more,
we will send You a $25 Starbucks gift card. 
Frappuccinos. Smoothies. Cool.
Don't wait.
From June 7th through August 31st of 2013

Cool Moments 

Each Starbucks gift card we send out is based on
an opportunity given to us.
We prove it to You: we walk our talk. Even for 20 miles.
Even when it's hot.

You can click here and we support You with
all Your roller issues from re-coverings to special coatings.

Tomorrow, after a lot of sweating, Barry and Billy will be finishing the porch.
They will look back to their opportunity to give to their community. Another 20 mile March.

I wish You a great month of June with refreshing moments. 
Andreas Bruhwiler
President and Owner


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PS During our anniversary year, we will share our sweet taste with our customers!

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