How to win the Super Bowl?

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Road to win my Super Bowl                        photo by andreas

The New Way to Win Super Bowls

The Harbaugh brothers are part of a surprising vanguard of elite NFL coaches
who hardly resemble the screaming field generals of the past, ....

Instead, this generation's 21st-century grid-iron leader is defined
- not by yelling at players but by listening to them;
- not by wielding authority over players, but by flexing power through them;
- and not by creating separate rules of engagement for the field, but by treating       pro football as inseparable from life.

DOV SEIDMAN in Time's Business and Money
Dov's career has focused on how companies and their people can operate in both principled and profitable ways.

What You should know about me and my relation to American Football is, that I can barely tell a touch down from a field goal. Do not expect me to comment on the game. But yes, I did watch the NFL Super Bowl XLVII.

I found it interesting though, to read that both coaches of the 2013 Top Teams are applying 'new' leadership principles in their work.
What's note-worthy about this?
Maybe nothing. As business leaders we all know all of them.
On our road to win our Super Bowl, let's take a minute to reflect on if and how we apply these principles in our daily leadership.

Ground our work in shared values, guided by principles  
John Harbaugh has described the keys to his success as "having a shared ownership of everything we do. It's never been 'my way or the highway' here. But the principles, they are rock solid. Like we say to our team, principles are written in stone, methods are not. We will not back down from our principles."
Treat work as inseparable from life
Our work and personal lives are no longer different spheres governed by different rules. That's why Jim Harbaugh sits down with his players and coaches at lunches to discuss family and other parts of their lives off the field.

Abolish one-way conversations
Whether we're talking to people or texting, we need to listen. Tom Coughlin regularly huddles up with an 11-player "leadership council" to gauge teammates' needs and concerns.

Inspire others to aspire to significance
Instead of trying to extract or coerce results out of others, successful leaders connect with what is most valuable in others, catalyzing peak performance in a principled and sustainable way.

(extract from Dov's article; read his article here.) 


You may remember this apple in my last newsletter, as the symbol for opportunities.

'Ground our work in shared values with guided principles' is one of these apples for Alrol's Leader Team; an opportunity.
Since November 2012, we have been working with our entire Team (production and back office) on the Leadership principles which Dov lists in his article.
Because we feel that shared and lived values are the foundation to straighten and widen Alrol's road to win the Super Bowl.

'They (our Team Members) will never get it!' said somebody when I was talking about what we are doing. - Wrong!
It is amazing to see, how people change significantly and how they take ownership for the success of their Team, their company!

In case You wonder while reading all this:
You are right; we are a rubber roller (and more) manufacturer and not an expensive leadership consulting firm!
You can click here and we support you with all Your roller issues from re-covering to special coatings.
And we consult with You on 'problem rollers' for no charge.

But, if You would like to know how we work with our Team to inspire each one to build an even stronger foundation for Alrol, drop me an email and I will share with You all our secrets.
Again, for no charge. For You.

Andreas Bruhwiler
President and Owner 

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