One Apple - One Opportunity

One Apple photo by andreas

Leadership is about creating,
day by day,
a domain in which we and those around us
continually deepen our understanding of reality and
are able to participate in shaping the future.

This, then, is the deeper territory of leadership --
collectively 'listening to what is wanting to emerge in the world, and
then having the courage to do what is required.'

Joseph Jaworski, founder of the American Leadership Forum

Newsletter January 2013

At the dawn of 2013 the time is right to ask: how will this new year be? Will it be like the last one or...
Reading articles and columns I see that the opinions are diverse or let me put it in another way:
there are many or no crystal balls.
So this perception may lead to one or at least two different approaches.
A pessimist's approach:
Let's just continue doing what we have been doing and see what the outcome is?  
A leader's approach:
I look out for that part of the future that I have influence on, and I watch for opportunities.

Take this apple in the photo above. My symbol for an opportunity.
It looks nice and healthy on the outside and appeals me to bite into it.
A pessimist's approach:
The apple may be sour, what do I know. I do not like sour apples.
The apple rots within a week. Opportunity is gone.  
A leader's approach:
Hmm, good looking apple but is it tasty? Instead of just taking a huge bite to find out that the apple is sour, I cut a piece out and taste it.
Taking the chances to finding out if it really is an opportunity. 

Back in 2003 I did see a big opportunity.
Instead of cutting a piece out first, I bit into the apple and got a good chunk out of it. The apple was one of the sour-sweet ones, where the first taste is sour and the sweetness comes while chewing it. I have been chewing now for 10 years on this apple Alrol of America and the sweetness is predominant in our 10 year anniversary!

For the year of 2013 I wish You

Andreas Bruhwiler
President and Owner

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PS During our anniversary year, we will share our sweet taste with our customers!

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