Challenging Leadership

Challenge among friends    Alinghi and Baha'al-Din                                                 photo by andreas

I challenge you
to make your life a masterpiece.

I challenge you to join the ranks of those people
who live what they teach,
who walk their talk. 

Anthony "Tony" Robbins is an American self-help author and motivational speaker 


I remeber a time, where the word 'problem' was banned from leadership seminars and motivational workshops.
If one used the expression: 'my problem is ....' she/he got corrected and needed to re-start: 'my challenge is ....'.
I do not doubt the power of words, and that the way we use them changes their meaning. I see a difference, a huge difference even, in these two words. Especially when they are used in a business environment. Problem or challenge?
Here are my thoughts:

My personal daily challenge
My experience as a business owner proves that what one learns in every seminar about 'change management':
you want to change others?
Start changing yourself first!
I quote Tony Robbins in this newsletter because he names my most difficult daily challenge: .... who walk their talk.
No, I do not feel that I need to be able to run a lathe with a tool post grinder as good as my Team Member Billy does. That's Billy's job and I am holding him accountable for doing an excellent job.
It is my attitude as a Leader, my behavior as a person which is on display.
Do I walk my talk? Am I holding myself accountable? My daily challenge.

Challenging my Team
I am pretty good in challenging others within my company. So, I do not have any 'problems' to create nearly constant challenges for my Team Members.
Still, I had to learn to introduce and to explain the challenge accordingly.
First, I have  to create the framework for the change and to make sure everybody not only understands, but feels the same way.
Then, and only then I can hold my Team Members accountable for their challenges.

Alinghi and Baha
Alinghi and Baha' al-Din (fawn), our Sloughis

Challenges from our customers
This is our permanent challenge!
Let me spare my thoughts on this for next month's newsletter.

In case You wonder while reading all this:
What is this guy doing when he's not writing these newsletters?!
Well, one of my tasks is consulting companies for all their roller needs.
It makes our customer's roller applications run efficiently; our products are reducing their scrap ratio, and are producing more of their high quality products.
And, yes, sometimes we manage developing creative solutions!
 Wouldn't You like to get rid of some of Your roller 'problems' so You could focus on real challenges instead?

   Your sour apple becomes our opportunity to excel.
   We prove it to You: we walk our talk. 

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   from re-covering to special coatings.

Here is another photo showing our two Sloughis. The rough challenge is over and, because it was not an unfriendly fight, there are no 'bad feelings'. They are friends.

In our Team at Alrol we learned to accept the challenges not as 'unfriendly' and to fight them, but to live them. Towards one single goal: to constantly increase excellence in our work, our Team and our company.
For our customers.