Thankful Thanksgiving


            A positive look.
            Our friend Brock, 11 years old
            Fighting severe aplastic anemia and PNH                                      photo by andreas

I am thankful:
  • for my large home
  • for my BMW
  • for my good paying job

I am thankful:
  • for my faith which gives me strength
  • for my mother who supports me anytime
  • for every day I see because I know I live

Dear Reader, 

People sometimes tell me, how much this or
that photo I took 'gave' them and meant to them.

Last Saturday I shot photos of Brock and his family.
While editing the photos I became aware of
how much Brock and his family gave me:
·         the positive expression in their laughing, happy faces
·         the humility to enjoy a sunny yet cold morning in the woods
·         the no-complain attitude after 3 years (!) of battling this vicious disease
Thank you, Brock and family, for teaching me a lesson about Thanksgiving.

Dear Reader, I wish You and Your family a quiet and very Happy Thanksgiving.
Your 'Like' on The Brock Brigade's Facebook page takes 15 seconds
but it tells Brock that for a moment You thought about him.

Andreas Bruhwiler
President and Owner 

We support Providence Ministries in Dalton
in their Thanksgiving activity for the needy.