FAQ: What Surface Finish does the job for us?

General guidelines
The surface finishes might vary a lot depending on the type of coating and the hardness.
Please contact us for Your specific needs.

1. Structured finish

• This finish takes special tooling to create a specific characteristic on the surface.
• This finish applies in film transports, to avoid the air get trapped between the film and the roller.
• It might be used to increase the grip of the roller.
Ground finishes These finishes are achieved by using different machine setups and different grinding wheels.

2. Rough

• This is a compromise between a structured finish (see above) and a regular finish.
• This finish is evenly rough and shows kind of tiny peaks.
• Note: The rough finish might wear out quicker then a smooth surface.

3. Regular finish

• The grinding marks are lightly visible.
• The surface has a no structure to it.
• This finish applies for most the applications.
• Note: The regular finish might vary with the hardness of the coating.

4. Polished finish

• The are no grinding marks at all.
• The surface feels very smooth.
• This finish applies usually for applications in coating and printing applications.
• Note: The polished finish can not be created for soft coatings.

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