We show our appreciation to our customers

We iTuned right into 2012!
This year is barely one month old and it started as 2011 ended, with new customers and new business.
I neither have a magic crystal ball nor am I a prophet but if 2012 continues as it has begun for us it will be
a great year!

We are very grateful to have a great start into our tenth year in business.
We are thankful to our customers. Their loyalty and trust are the reasons for our success.

In 2012 we promise to You, as we did in the last 9 years:
  • We listen to You.
  • We analyze Your problem.
We set the right pieces together for Your individual solution.

Thank You!
iTunes $25
We are thankful to our customers.

It's one way to show our appreciation for getting Your business.
Alrol provides You with some 
Musical Moments!   

It's simple: With each order of $250 and more that we receive until January 31, 2012, we will send You a $25 iTunes gift card.

     Rock'n Roll. Classical. Heart warming.
Our customers are lovin' it!
Until January 31, 2012. 

More costs in the long run
Result: less machine down-time, less cost on maintenance. 

Low-cost may not be cost effective: glued-on rubber mat.

Issue: Roller wrap is a low-cost solution in some applications. Low price, easy to apply brings it a short term solution.

Potential problem: 
Especially when exposed to abrasion, the wrap needs to be replaced frequently. This involves machine-downtime, labor, and material costs. 
Our proposal:
Even more expensive on first sight, our vulcanized rubber coverings are often more liable and more cost-effective in the long run!


One of our two 'office dogs'

Is there some room here for bragging?
2011 AKC Eukanuba National Championship
For the first time in the history of the biggest dog show in the World, the rare Sloughi breed could participate. Among others, one of our two 'company dogs' Alinghi fulfilled the criteria and got invited.
My wife, Daniela and I traveled to Orlando, FL in December and she did show Alinghi. We are very proud that Alinghi did win Best of Breed!

Click on the picture to increase its size.
Click here for interesting information about the Sloughi. It will open Alinghi's breeder's website.


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